Bravely Default Game Review: Your Princess is in Another Castle

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This is a gorgeous game with a cast of fun and well-voiced characters (if not somewhat typical for the genre) and stunning music to match; I had high hopes for this title. However, the exasperating 'your princess is in another castle' gameplay pattern that emerges after the first chapter is a serious let-down. I felt slightly hoodwinked into playing on in the conviction that [they couldn't possibly make me do everything again, *again*, right]?! (highlight to view spoiler)

Granted, many of the repeat tasks are optional, but after a certain point the game offers little that's new in terms of gameplay, plot – or even dialogue. Extra quests and activities should enrich the gaming experience, not drain the life out of it. Unless you get a kick out of recycled mega bosses and grind-fests, in which case this could be the game for you.

You are rewarded with some intriguing character revelations, but it all gets a bit lost in the sheer repetition of it all. You might say that the meat of this game is in the tactical battling and character class system (there's also a pretty cool bonus 'buildable village' for unlocking new items). However, I would've preferred these elements in a more well-rounded diet of plot progression and varied content.

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Having said all this, I nevertheless ferreted out every last damn quest, but I'm not sure if that says more about my completionist tendencies or the compulsivity of the game itself.

Verdict: A gorgeous game with great potential, but disappointingly repetitive.



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