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Love Your Shelf Book Club #2: The Big Sleep by Raymond Chandler

With Sarah and Lynette


Los Angeles PI Philip Marlowe is working for the Sternwood family. Old man Sternwood, crippled and wheelchair-bound, is being given the squeeze by a blackmailer and he wants Marlowe to make the problem go away. But with Sternwood's two wild, devil-may-care daughters prowling LA's seedy backstreets, Marlowe's got his work cut out – and that's before he stumbles over the first corpse... (Penguin re-issue edition)


L: Money – everyone's doing something for money. I think this book is set in the 30s, right? Depression era. So money is pretty high on everyone's mind. And honour – family honour and Marlowe's own honour code, which I thought was interesting; he's an honourable man even with his 'dirty' work.
S: Ooh, I like those. I thought that, too – it's interesting that Marlowe is shown to not just be in his job for the money and has his own code of ethics. There're the classic noir theme…